I’m Amy, I’m 23 and I’m currently living in the North-East of Scotland, in the middle of nowhere (the furthest East you can get in Scotland). I’m training to be a process operator out in the North Sea and I would love to live in Paris and Canada (obviously, not at the same time. Hopefully, Canada will be a bit more permanent). I would also love to travel the world and I can be found spending a lot of my time, looking up flights for made up holidays, just to see how much I would need to save. I have seriously bad wanderlust.

This blog is a bit of everything, really.  And by everything, I mean books, baking and travel.  But more of the first two, as, unfortunately, I’ve not had much of a chance to travel. But, hopefully, that will soon change.  Sometimes, I will post about random things.  So…yeah.  Hope you enjoy my blog!


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