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Wowee, this week has seemed to have flown by!  And I think I’ve spent most of it sorting out stuff for going to Ibiza next month (such as going into Boots to buy moisturiser, seeing that there’s a huge sale on sunscreen, panicking because you have no sunscreen, then literally buying half of the sunscreen because you don’t know what you need, even though you’re only away for four days….)

But anyway!  I think I’m sorted.  Hopefully, I’m sorted, because I’m back to work Friday and won’t really get another chance before my holidays – where I’m spending my 25th!!  So excited!  I might actually get to experience summer this year (which Scotland has most definitely not had…)

I spent the weekend at my friend Leanne’s (who is also coming to Ibiza with me) and yesterday we went to visit Huntly Castle.  It is absolutely gorgeous (definitely in my top 10.  Which I should probably make a list of, just for something to post…).  I must admit, I squeaked when we saw the dungeon because I wasn’t expecting the mannequins and it was kinda dark and…yeah.  Thankfully, there was no one else around except Leanne, so I didn’t make that much of a fool of myself!

  • I would love to experience the Venice Carnival, but my apprentice wages won’t let me afford it.  If you could donate even a tiny amount, I would be very grateful!
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