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Hi everyone!  Have you had a good week?  Mine has been interesting.  My brother’s girlfriend almost had her baby the other day – I was almost an auntie!  It’s due any day now!  Excited to have a baby in the family again 🙂

Also, I don’t know how to word this without sounding needy (I’ve never done anything like this before…) but I was hoping to go to Venice at the end of January to experience the Carnival.  I’ve wanted to do this for years!.  But I’ve never had the chance because of work, or school, or what have you.  This year (next year?) I’m actually on my time off so I could make it!  But with my apprentice wages, I can’t really afford it.  I’ve set up a GoFundMe page and, if you even donated 10p, I would be really grateful! I’ve added the link below 🙂