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So, I didn’t go to Fyvie Castle on Monday…or yesterday.  Monday, I bought a new car (I say new, it’s 6 years old, but it’s still the newest car I’ve ever had.  I’m picking it up tomorrow and I am excited!).  I also gave you guys a book review, which was long, long overdue.  But I told you guys I would and I delivered!  I think…  And yesterday, I went into Aberdeen for lunch with one of my close friends.  Which was lovely.  But it rained.  A lot.  Oh well!

And today, I went to Fyvie Castle, which, admittedly, isn’t as great as I thought (it’s expensive and you can’t go in many rooms) but it was nice to visit it and it was really pretty.  Also, on the way home, I went in past the ruins of Deer Abbey, which was free and I was the only person there, which was awesome.  And I thought I’d share some photos with you guys.  I’m not going to put too many on here because it’ll take up my space allowance, but I have more over on my Flickr page, that you should check out 🙂

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