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With This Kiss: Part ThreeWith This Kiss: Part Three by Eloisa James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m gonna write this as a review for all three parts, instead of the three individual parts. I liked this story. But not as much as The Ugly Duchess.

This story is the romance between Colin, Griffin Barry’s son in Seduced by a Pirate, and Grace, James Ashbrook’s son in The Ugly Duchess.

I liked the story but I thought that the romance went a bit too quickly. One day he sees her as a sister, a childhood friend. The next, he loves her. And then they do it within a few chapters.

The last part I thought was quite pointless, as they basically just get married. I wonder if there will be another story with their daughter, Portia, however. That might be interesting…

With pirates. Hopefully.

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