The Moaning of Life: The Worldly Wisdom of Karl PilkingtonThe Moaning of Life: The Worldly Wisdom of Karl Pilkington by Karl Pilkington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aww. Karl is awesome. He moans about everything! But when you read some of his moans you think ‘actually, he has a point.’ Love it.

I love how Americans seem to love him as well, but he’s so British, with his Hob Nobs and old British entertainers that they must have no clue what he’s on about half the time.

He’s so lucky being paid to travel the world! I wish I had more money (and time) to be able to travel wherever (and whenever) I want. But, soon I will! Hopefully…

The only negative thing I can think of in this book is that most of the photos of Karl have him with his mouth open and a gormless expression on his face. It looked a little bit staged when every single one has Karl with the same expression…

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