The Princess & the PauperThe Princess & the Pauper by Kate Brian
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wanted to like this book. I really did. I liked The Prince and the Pauper, so I hoped that this would almost reach the same standard. It really didn’t.

I know Carina (one of the main characters) is a princess and all, but she’s so annoying and spoiled! I mean, who goes onto a random bus full of strangers?? I wanted to like her, too, as she has the same name as my mum, only with a ‘C’ instead of a ‘K’.

The other main character, Julia, was better. But only just. She was a bit less selfish and a bit more badass. And then she went and instantly fell in love with the guy who’s supposed to be with Carina.

Markus, the guy who’s supposed to marry Carina but falls in love with Julia, was a bit 2-dimensional. He’s seems really bland, and then he’s all ‘let’s run away!’, before instantly falling in love with Julia. The love scenes between them were WAY too quick.

Glenn, the guy who comes to Carina’s rescue, was probably the only character that I liked. And he’s only in the book for a couple of chapters! I sort of hoped that something would happen between him and Carina but nothing did. Which is just as well, as Carina annoyed the hell out of me.

If you want something quick, I’d recommend this. But if you want something engaging, with nice, 3-dimensional characters, then I wouldn’t.

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