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Me and Mr. DarcyMe and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First and foremost: if you have not eaten midget gems or custard creams before then you have missed out and need to try them now!

Now, onto the slightly less important stuff. This is a sort of modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice (in a way) but with a few twists and the actual Mr. Darcy in it.

Now, this must be the only book I’ve ever read where the main character doesn’t fall all over Darcy. Instead, she points out how tiresome it would be to be with him constantly, which, now that I think about it, makes sense.

Also, the Mr. Darcy in this book was supposed to be the Mr. Darcy in P&P but he doesn’t really act it, apart from being brooding and intense. Mr. Darcy would never take an unmarried woman out in the middle of the night, alone, just to go horseback riding! How indecent!!

The main character of this story, Emily Albright, is a huge book aficionado who is a manager of a bookstore and doesn’t like to party. She goes on and on and on about how dull she is, and then suddenly she’s prattling on about how she used to get stoned all the time in college and drinks a lot whenever she goes out! Make up your mind!

Also, I know the author’s British but she seems to think that we are all really stingy. There’s a scene where Emily gives a taxi driver a tip and his face ‘lights up’. Emily assumes that the British don’t tip. We do tip. It’s not included in our bills, like in the States, but we do tip. And we give more than our recommended 10% as well.

Despite all that, I really liked this book. The way it was set out, all the side characters (what’s not to like about four sweet, old granny’s and a cute guy?) and the way Emily gets into our ‘British humour’. I would recommend this for anyone looking for anything short and sweet.

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