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Kiss the BrideKiss the Bride by Patricia Cabot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just a head’s up, the next few books I’m gonna be reading are all Meg Cabot ones. I’ve decided that I have to read all of her books before I can move onto another author.

This book was cute and sad in all the right places. Emma has moved to Faires (fictional place in Shetland) to marry her childhood sweetheart. However, not long after they’re married, he dies. His cousin, James, comes to bring the body back home so that it can be buried in the family tomb and is surprised to see Emma is still there. James has always loved Emma, so when he finds out about the little fact where she has to remarry to attain a fortune, he thinks that this is his chance.

The hero and heroine are much the same as Meg Cabot’s other heroes and heroines. They were both strong, funny characters (and the hero was handsome, which is an area where Meg Cabot doesn’t disappoint with her novels).

As with her other novels, the background characters all had their own personality’s and problems. My favourites were Fergus (MacPherson) – who has really bad eyesight – and Cletus (MacEwan) – who was Emma’s neighbour and tried to prove that he was manly and worthy enough of Emma.

There were a couple things I thought were annoying about this book.

For starters, not everyone from Scotland has a surname beginning with ‘Mac’ or ‘Mc’. My surname is ‘Watt’ which, yeah, is still Scottish, but it’s not ‘MacWatt’. Which, now that I’ve written it down, I think sounds pretty badass.

Also, I would have liked to have seen Cletus get a girlfriend/wife of some sort. He was really sweet.

But other than that, I really really enjoyed this and I think any fan of historical romance will, too.

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