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Portrait Of My HeartPortrait Of My Heart by Patricia Cabot
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a sort of continuation of ‘Where Roses Grow Wild’. Ten year old Jeremy has grown up (he’s 21 at the beginning and the 26 for most of the rest of the book) and has assumed the role of seventeenth Duke of Rawlings. A title which he despises. He falls for his childhood friend/rival, Maggie,(she’s 5 years younger than him but beat him in everything). They then have a ‘moment’, where they’re caught. Jeremy tries to do the right thing, Maggie doesn’t want to know, so Jeremy joins the army and goes to India. The rest of the book is about what happens when they meet up again five years later.

I like romances where there’s been almost a childhood rivalry. I find it sweet. Which might be weird, but that just sums me up in one word.

Maggie was a nice character. Whereas, with Meg Cabot’s other heroines in her historical romance being strong but polite and everything that a Victorian woman was supposed to be, Maggie was her own person and didn’t really care if people saw her ankles (or stuff like that). I thought that made a nice change from all the over-the-top Victorian woman that you get in historical romances.

Jeremy, although a Duke, doesn’t care if he gets into fights and whatnot. He doesn’t even want the title. Because of this, most people act with caution around him. Although, they continue to hang out with him for his money. But Jeremy doesn’t care. He just wants someone who wants him for him and not his title. Which is why Maggie is perfect for him.

There were lots of comically awkward moments between the two main characters. Even more comically awkward moments with the servants and Jeremy’s aunt and uncle (there is a moment when Jeremy is talking to his aunt and she casually remarks that she went into labour a couple hours earlier but refused to stay in bed. Jeremy, understandably, is shocked because she hadn’t acted as if she was in labour at all).

I’d recommend this book if, like myself, you are a big fan of Meg Cabot’s books. Or even if you aren’t and just like your romances to have a humourous twist.

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