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My Boyfriend MerlinMy Boyfriend Merlin by Priya Ardis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve loved the Arthur legend ever since I was small. Everything about it is magical and I thought it was amazing as a child.

If I had never heard of the legend before, then this is not the book I would go to. First off, it’s set in this day and age so, obviously, after Arthur’s time. Secondly, it’s a little annoying at times. Especially the heroine.

The only character that I did like was Vane (Matt/Merlin’s brother).

The idea of the plot was fairly good, too. The Sword in the Stone has reappeared in London and the candidates who have been chosen by Merlin are training to be worthy of pulling it from the stone.

The writing in this book was a bit slap-dash – the sentences are either missing vital words, or they have an extra word that isn’t needed. Sometimes there’s a completely random word that confuses the whole thing. I honestly have no idea how it got past editing.

Also, the author tended to jump all over the place with stuff. At one point, Matt tells Arriane (the heroine) that he sees her kissing his brother in a vision and then she completely skips over it and continues on about something else.

Overall, not the best of books but I do want to find out what happens so I will be reading the sequel.

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