Victoria and the RogueVictoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yes, another Meg Cabot book. I haven’t read this book in eight years! Eight years! I’d forgotten most of what happened (and, if I’m being honest, I’d actually lost the book and only found it again when I was helping my parents clean out the spare room) but I’m glad I read it again.

Victoria has lived in India since she was four (which is weird, as my Dad lived in India until he was four. Coincidence. Probably not. But oh well.) Victoria stays with her three uncles who have looked after her since her parents died.

But now that she’s sixteen, they’re fed up with her trying to change them and have sent her back to England to stay with her aunt and to find a husband. But she’s lucky enough to bag one before she’s even off the boat.

Unfortunately, though, he’s a rogue (hence the title).

To begin with I didn’t like Victoria. She’s very stubborn and likes things to be done her way and she also likes to change people ‘for the better’. But, as the book went on, I grew more fond of her.

I also liked Jacob (not the man who proposed to her. He was a jerk). Again, Meg Cabot has made me happy by writing an manly man who’s not a jerk and has built his own business from scratch (well, his Dad’s but it had collapsed, so Jacob started it again from the beginning). I sometimes wish I was a heroine in a Meg Cabot novel just so I could have one of those men.

Again, I’m really glad I found this book and read it again. Now I have to find Nicola and the Viscount.

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