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My flatmate Hannah is currently in the flat by herself.  The rest of us are all at our respective homes, finding jobs, etc, until we go back to celebrate graduation in a couple weeks.

A couple hours ago, Hannah wrote on Leanne’s wall that some firemen had arrived and were battling a fire in a flat two floors above us.  The following conversation ensued:

Hannah > Leanne:  There are currently two fire engines outside our building because there’s apparently a fire upstairs… they’ve got a pipe running through the front door and there’s a ladder being raised up outside my window. Can’t decide if it’s exciting or scary!

Me: Oh.  That seems…interesting.  Is everything okay?

Hannah:  I’m not sure yet.  I’m sat by the window waiting to see.

Me:  I hope it’s not serious.

Hannah:  They’ve cordoned off the area and I can hear lots of banging in the corridor.

Me:  And I’ve just got this image of you sat staring out the window when a fireman climbs up the ladder.  So, you’re stuck in the flat?

Hannah: Well, I think it must be fairly well contained upstairs, the firemen can see me so if I need to get out they can tell me.

Me: Okay, that’s not so bad.  These might make you feel better 🙂  Watch these! Some of them are hilarious!

Hannah:  There’s a guy filling out paperwork, it can’t be that bad.

Me: You must’ve freaked when the firemen went through our door.

Hannah:  It is a bit weird, yeah.

Me:  Is it just you in the flat, or are the mice and squirrels keeping you company? (We have mice in our flat and there are currently squirrels nesting behind our boiler.  We’ve told our landlady but she won’t do anything about them)

Hannah:  Possibly mice.

Me: Joy.

Hannah:  Now there are three fire engines!  What does it mean? :\

Me:  I think you should get your phone, etc, ready in case you have to get out the flat.  But, hopefully, it won’t come to that.

Hannah:  It smells 😦

Me: Of stale water, I hope?

Hannah:  Nope.  Amy, some of these videos are really mean!  Only one of them has  made me laugh so far!

Me:  I know some of them are mean but they’re fakes.  I hope.  I like the evil daughter one and the monkey one.

Hannah:  I like the ‘Jacob keep your shirt on’ one.  NO!

Me:  NO!

A couple minutes later.

Me:  Did you wave at the firemen?

Hannah: No.  They’re still there.  There’s loads of water going past my window.

Me:  Shit…

Hannah:  So there’s little doubt that there was a fire upstairs

Me:  Is that what you were smelling?

Hannah:  No, I can smell smoke.  I’m guessing it might be an unoccupied flat because they haven’t brought any people out.

Me:  If it was unoccupied it must’ve got pretty big for someone to have seen it.  Is it the flat right above or one of the top ones?

Hannah:  One of the top ones.

Me:  Is there still water?

Hannah:  Yup.  Looks like it’s raining but only outside my window.

Me:  Like The Truman Show!

Hannah:  Ha!  Hey, have you decided when you’re coming back yet?

Me:  End of the month sometime but I’m not sure when.

Hannah:  We need to sort a date for our Caribbean-stile party!

Couple seconds later.

Hannah:  *style

Me:  Yeah!

Hannah:  Goodness me, don’t know how that spelling atrocity slipped out.  ☞  Heh!  It’s a pointy hand!

Me:  Oh, Hannah!  Now you’ve graduated you can’t just crap out words.  And how did you do the pointy hand?

Hannah:  I copied and pasted it.  WOAH.  LOTS OF WATER

Me:  ☞  WOAH

Hannah:  Now it’s like having a blinking waterfall outside my window.  I bet the owner of that flat’s gonna be pissed.

Me:  You always seem to be there when exciting stuff happens.  The power cut (which was creepy ‘cos the whole street blacked out), the catching of the mice (Leanne and Hannah managed to catch some mice Matrix style), the fire (re: above).

Hannah:  Tell me about it!  Somebodies about to operate the big ladder.

Me:  Wave!

Hannah:  No!

Me:  You’re totally hiding in a corner, hoping they don’t see you watching them, aren’t you?

Hannah:  Nope.  I’m sat by my window, bold as day.  I think the fire’s out.  They’re bringing the ladder down.

Me:  Yay!  Give them a little salute as they go past.

Hannah:  Errr, no 😉

Me:  I say I would but I totally wouldn’t  We’re such wusses.

Hannah:  Well, that was exciting.

We don’t know what’s going on now.  Hannah says that the ladders and stuff are gone but the stairwell is still blocked and they’re taking soot and stuff downstairs.  I’m glad no one was hurt!