Spring FlingSpring Fling by Sabrina James
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The only reason this is getting 2 stars is because I actually managed to finish it. And I liked the idea of a house of girls living next to a house of boys.

This books was so annoying! Everything was so dramatic! Just drama after drama after drama.

Everyone was described a certain way (e.g. Danielle: a bookish girl who doesn’t care about her looks or anything like that) but none of them acted the way they’d been described (Danielle ends up becoming obsessed with her looks and gossip and juggles two guys).

The way this book was written was so over-the-top and forced. There was nothing natural about the way everyone interacted. They would point out the obvious all the time and react melodramatically over the slightest thing that a normal person wouldn’t even care about. Although, I’m not sure if that’s how American school kids act. My school was tiny and everyone was weird. In a good way. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

The author also had the bad habit of writing the book as if the characters were in a play. At one point Ava, one of the girls, says she’s going over to a concession stand to get some food and the next paragraph is ‘Cooper watched as Ava walked over to the concession stand.’ Alrighty then.

I would only recommend this book if you were looking for something where all of the characters are annoying and over-react to everything. Which sounds harsh but that’s my opinion.

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