Ex-masEx-mas by Kate Brian
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First off, I know it’s May but I thought this sounded interesting. And it was. It was a nice, quick, cute read. I read the whole thing in one sitting in the car to Edinburgh today 🙂

The story focuses on Lila, a girl who used to be an outsider but is now one of the most popular girls in school. And she works ridiculously hard for her life to stay that way.

And it all started with dumping her boyfriend and ‘upgrading’ to a popular boyfriend.

However, when her and her ex-boyfriend’s brothers go missing, the two of them work together to find them and bring them home.

I liked the relationship between Beau (the ex) and Lila. Usually, in books, when a couple has broken up before the beginning of the book, the say they hate one another but, by the third chapter, they’re best friends and pretty much back together.

Not Lila and Beau.

It was at least halfway through before they stopped arguing and being pissed with each other and I liked that.

Another thing I liked was Beau. I have a thing for dark hair and bright eyes.

Downsides. For starters, Lila was really naive at the beginning. Who honestly thinks that someone has homework/finals due for the day before Christmas? Even if they’re in college? I didn’t have homework/finals after the 22nd, at the latest, when I was at uni.

Another downside was that I would have liked for their to have been an epilogue. The book just suddenly ended and I would have liked to have seen Beau and Lila’s relationship develop a bit and also see how Lila got on at school. Maybe, she could have made better friends?

I would recommend this if you want a nice, cute book that you can’t put down.

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