The Boyfriend ThiefThe Boyfriend Thief by Shana Norris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I took so long to read this only because I’m currently at home for a few weeks and there are a lot of distractions here (kittens and Skyrim, to name a few).

But I finally finished it!

When a book starts out with the main character dressed as a giant hot dog, you know it’s going to be good. This didn’t disappoint.

Avery’s mum had up and left four years prior to the start of the book, and I liked how we gradually found out what she had been like, instead of the OCD character (which no one seems to realise is actually quite serious) she is now.

Zac (our hero) was really cute and sweet. Even though his relationship with his girlfriend was going tit’s up, he stuck by her and tried to work things out. Until they eventually broke up and he got with Avery. He was also a genuinely funny and caring character.

I would write more but one of my cats has just figured out how to open the cupboard, so now I have to go save my bread. I will update later!

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