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Troy HighTroy High by Shana Norris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was okay. I would have finished it sooner if not for distractions (Sun! In Scotland!).

I’ve always loved anything to do with Ancient Greece so I knew I had to read this. It’s a cute, modern retelling of the Trojan War told from Cassie’s (Princess Cassandra the Seer who told about disasters happening in the future but no one believed her) point of view and I enjoyed seeing things pan out in her eyes. I also liked how she got bad feelings about things and tried to warn people but no one paid any attention (I’m a stickler for details).

Also, and I’m going to sound sad however I say this, but I liked how the author had turned Agamemnon’s and Menelaus’s names into modern names. Agamemnon = Greg Mennon; Menelaus = Lucas Mennon (Mennon Lucas! Made me laugh). She didn’t just change their names, she changed all of the characters, but I thought these were the smartest changes.

Their were a couple of things I didn’t like about this book. First off, she describes the big homecoming game in EXCRUCIATING detail. Now, living in Scotland, I’ve never seen an American football game in my life, and I’m not a big fan of football or rugby either, so this bored me and I found myself sort of skim-reading it.

Another thing that disappointed me was the ending. I know that the Spartans won the war and the Trojans lost, but I thought, at least for the purposes of the book, that the author would make the feud between the two schools end, somehow.

For a modern retelling of an ancient story, I quite liked it and I would recommend it if you like your Ancient Greece.

Or even if you don’t!

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