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So I went to my first ever baking course last week.  It.  Was.  Amazing!  I definitely want to do another one.  We made walnut bread:

Macaroons (they actually have a crust!  I’ve never made macaroons with a crust before!):

Lemon syrup sponge (which sort of collapsed in the middle):

And buttermilk scones:

I’d post recipes but they aren’t mine to post.  For lunch we had a pepper salad that had the most amazing dressing ever (lemon juice and rapeseed oil), beetroot soup (which I made a couple of nights ago because I loved it so much.  Who’d have thunk it when I don’t really like beetroot?  I’ll post the recipe another time), and a gorgeous chocolate and almond cake that we got the recipe for and were shown how to make but we didn’t have time to make it so we got to eat theirs with our lunch.

I know this is short but I have to go.  We’re going to the cinema!  Fun times!