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Okay, I’m not going to Paris just yet.  But I’m spending another year in Edinburgh!  That’s sort of the same but in a different language.

And I just adore Edinburgh.  This will be my fourth year living there and my third living in my flat.  Just to clarify, I spent my first year there in student accommodation.

Anywho, I’ve decided that since I’ve lived there for nearly four years and I’ve lived in Scotland my entire life, I have to visit the castle and the palace.  The castle because, well, it’s Edinburgh castle.  And the palace because it’s basically a huge, fancy house.  And I really, really want to see the ruins of Holyrood Abbey.

I’m actually off to Edinburgh this weekend to attend a cake competition.  Wish me luck!  But, since I’m going to be there during festival season, I have to go see some of the events.

Also, I’ve just realised that it might sound weird to be saying that I’m going back to Edinburgh.  I split my time between Edinburgh and just north of Aberdeen.

Definitely prefer Edinburgh.  Although, Aberdeen does have its charms.